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The complete HR technology solution for your business

Key Decks

Key decks are standard in all packages and provide you with the building blocks to get the most from your portal account.
One size doesn’t fit all so take a look at ‘My Decks’ below and choose the decks you need.

Create interactive lists for processes like induction and sickness absence management.

  • Job lists can easily be created, edited, shared and marked as completed
  • Track progress on your Dashboard
Increases consistency and streamlines processes.New Paragraph
Document Manager

An interactive document management system for all documents including your Employment Contracts and Handbooks. Interacting with Personnel database the document manager makes it possible to mail merge; store; email; share and track documents online.

  • Upload document / nominate document from Toolkits
  • Upload documents for example, employment contracts and staff handbooks, ISO and industry standards documents, memos, letters and any other Word document or use Toolkit document
  • Mail merge; store in *Personnel Files; email; share and track
  • Document content including images, logos and layout maintained
  • Audit controls including permissions, transaction stamps and traceability tools

Compliance, consistency and efficiency.

In the pipeline
A Contacts database will soon be added to Key Decks which when used with Document Manager provides a convenient way to manage correspondence with suppliers and customers.

Personnel Files & Folders

Secure and streamlined records management system for sensitive HR data. Compliant with Data Protection Regulations. Integrated with other decks making it easy to manipulate data from a single point of entry.

Employers also have legal responsibilities to ensure employees’ personal details are respected and protected. Employment records, contact and banking details, information about workers’ performance and health, monitoring at work and disclosure requests can be safely stored on the Eledecks portal. Watch the video.

  • Create Personnel Files and Folders for your staff including:
  • Employees
  • Workers
  • Sub-contractors
  • Volunteers
  • Apprentices and Interns
  • Self-employed
  • Drag and drop any electronic documents into Folders including:
  • C.V.s
  • File notes, medical records
  • Certificates, permits, licences
  • Criminal record data
  • Pension details
  • Images, Excel, Word, PDFs and more
  • Export useful reports and information for data analysis and communications

Compliant with Data Protection Regulations. Enables streamlined information management at the office or on the move. Improves communications and efficiency.New Paragraph
Laws in the Pipeline

Upcoming employment laws and legislation at a glance.

  • Statutory employment laws and important tribunal decisions published weekly.

Aids compliance with Employment Law
Keeps you informed about legal developments.New Paragraph

To Do

Diary and Reminder systems with automated alerts.

  • Diary is shared with the user’s colleagues if they have the relevant permissions.
  • My Reminders is personal to the user. Create Reminders for important events
  • Red flags appear in Diary and email reminders are sent to the user’s inbox
  • Log in and click to go to source event

Improves efficiency and communications.
Personnel dashboards

Self-Service accounts for employees accessible from mobile devices.

  • Employee leave requests posted online – Watch the video
  • Managers can approve or reject applications using a range of tools
  • Publish important information to employee dashboards including Rotas (see Attendance Management Deck) notices, letters and other documentation intended for the employe
Increases productivity, reduces costs and time.

Key Decks

Your business is unique and you want to build a package that suits you and your team. That’s why the portal is flexible and gives you choice. We start you off with a full set of Key Decks as standard so you can add ‘My Decks’ according to your business needs and budget. ‘My Decks’ are modular so it’s easy to subscribe or unsubscribe as your circumstances change.
Employee App

The app gives staff full access to their Personnel Dashboard functionality straight from their mobile / tablet device.

  • Update personal contact information
  • Access documents including Contracts and Policies, letters and more
  • View published Rotas*
  • Submit Leave Applications for approval by Managers*
  • Push Notifications

Cost effective way to manage leave applications and keep staff informed in real time.
HR Toolkits

Add selected HR Toolkits to create a flexible knowledge and information library to suit your business.

How it works
Use the guidance, knowledge and information in Toolkits to manage policies and procedures
Pull data from *Personnel Files for mail merging Toolkit forms (*Key Deck)
Issue letters using *Document Manager. Straight to email (*Key Deck) and/or Personnel Dashboard Deck (My Deck)

  • Choose from more than 35 Toolkits covering a wide range of HR topics from Recruitment to Exit including Pensions Auto enrolment.
  • HR Toolkits are available for subscription as individual decks.

Enables safe, consistent, compliant management
Practical, searchable, accessible support 24/7
Safely manage routine business tasks using these guides

Attendance management

A suite of absence and attendance tools for managing leave requests, building staff rotas and managing capacity.

  • Leave management – Watch the video
  • Rota management
  • Capacity planner
  • Compatible with a range of contracted hours including zero hours workers
  • Set absence alerts to monitor excessive absence
  • Pulls data from Personnel Files (*Key Decks)
To enable ‘self-service’ add Personnel Dashboards (^My Decks) to your subscription and your staff can request leave online and access rotas and issued documents.

Improved planning and communications means increased productivity and efficiency gains. For example by reducing costly overtime hours.
Payroll & Auto-Enrolment Wizard

Stop worrying about paperwork and fines. Fully automated, end to end wizard to manage your payroll and Workplace Pensions obligations. Push button wizard makes Auto-enrolment a breeze.

Whether you are looking to manage payroll & auto enrolment yourself or prefer to outsource it to people who are passionate about payroll and pensions, call our friendly team for a quote.

  • Fully compliant with all stages of the Workplace Pensions Regulations
  • Cloud based payroll and auto-enrolment system
  • All letters automatically populated with employee data pulled from Personnel Files
  • All letters automatically issued to staff according to regulatory requirements
  • Postponements managed at staging date and for joiners
  • AE assessments carried out including full workforce categorisation according to TPR regulations
  • AE communications by email and exportable for print
  • Opt-ins and an Opt-out management
  • Contribution calculation
  • Snapshot preview of employer contributions to help you plan ahead of the staging date
  • AE record keeping according to TPR regulations
  • AE Dashboard provides payroll cycle alerts and automated task list prompts user to complete the cycle. Alerts and reminders
  • Flexible reports can be viewed online or exported to print or csv files
  • Full audit trail of all employees, their status at each payroll run, the communications issued, pension joining and pension contributions
  • Graphs show statuses at a glance and real time updates prompt users to take next steps

*If you opt for the managed service our experts will use Clarity HR software to run your payroll and ensure you are compliant with the regulations plus they will help you select a pension scheme and submit your declaration of compliance. Job done!

This deck is designed to be a ‘push button’ solution taking the pressure off payroll administrators who want peace of mind and low cost, streamlined control of this statutory requirement.

Our payroll deck integrates with Kashflow, Xero and Twinfield accounting software and our own auto enrolment wizard to provide an unbeatable solution.

Tasks workflow

Case management system for Performance appraisals, Grievances, Disciplinaries and many more procedures.

  • Checklist guidance
  • Document tracking
  • Automatic email alerts
Aids compliant and consistent process management
Provides useful audit trail of important procedures, documents and deadlines.New Paragraph
Check Points

Renewals tracking and reporting system. Monitor your licenses and other renewable events such as insurance policies, DBS checks, in-house training, Health and Safety and ISO standards and any other recurring event.

  • Flexible data input
  • Records and reports
  • Advance notifications
  • Overdue renewals alerts
Instant access to detailed information about compliance status across your organisationNew Paragraph

Advice bank

Portal Advisors can post advice and associated documentation for sharing with designated users.

  • Advice can be posted by Advisor (Partner or Partner’s designated advisor)
  • Accessible by designated client users
  • Tagging feature enables flexible search
Efficient and convenient.

Secure cloud based, hosted data storage, content and tools.

  • ISO: Our technology partner Eledecks is an ISO Certified Company. ISO is an internationally recognised standard of excellence. They are certified to ISO 27001 Information Security Management standard and ISO 9001 Quality Management standard.
  • Encryption: The Portal uses SSL encryption to protect your data.
  • Servers: The Portal is served from dedicated UK based cloud servers supplied by a leading cloud services provider. The servers are IP-restricted by firewalls and password-locked.
  • Back up: We ensure that all your data is stored and backed up daily in a safe and diligent manner. All backups are stored on dm-crypt encrypted filesystems.
Security, Data Management compliance, flexible access, enhanced user experience.
Encrypted access from computer and smart mobile devices.
No software required.
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